Warmed Over: How to Reheat Snuffers Cheese Fries

If you live in Dallas long enough, someone will take you to Snuffers. It’s law. When you get there, it’s also law to order their cheese fries. Yes, it’s a cardiological nightmare waiting to happen, and just typing “Snuffers cheese fries” probably pushed my cholesterol level up 10 points.

But lordamercy, they’re good. But usually, you also order an entree, and end up with way more cheese fries than  you have people. Trust me, you can have four people at your table and still have your people to cheese fries ratio incredibly off.

But the last time we went, our waitress did us a solid. Usually, the fries just get cleared off the table with the rest of the debris. But she offered to bring us a to-go box, and then gave us absolutely perfect instructions on how to reheat.

Basically, spray a cookie sheet with whatever cooking spray you generally use. Preheat your oven to 350, and then put the leftovers (sans any ranch dressing, of course), on the pan. Heat for about 10 minutes or more (depending on the size of the leftovers), then pop back out and enjoy.

We did it, and it totally worked. And what’s better than Snuffers cheese fries with your dinner on Wednesday? Snuffers cheese fries with your dinner on Thursday, too.



  1. Never had success re-heating cheddar fries. Which makes me miss you and Dallas even more. We’ll go in August, k?


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