Easy Dinner: Chicken Alfredo Soup

Not only is this one easy, it’s also easy to keep the ingredients around for that evening when you just have a lot going on. Serve it up with nice, crusty garlic bread and/or a salad, and it’s a full meal. Not only that, but it’s good the second day for an at-your-desk lunch, if you have leftovers.

It’s also incredibly easy to double. This recipe serves four, but doubling and tripling is a breeze. And it takes all of 15 minutes to cook, and about 5 minutes to assemble, provided your chicken is already cooked. It’s also a really good way to use up the remains of that rotisserie or roasted chicken you had a couple days ago. I’ve also been known to buy the pre-cooked grilled chicken strips for salads and use those, as well.

Chicken Alfredo Soup

1 jar of alfredo sauce (I like Bertolli or Newman’s Own)

1 box of chicken broth

2 1/2 cups bowtie pasta, cooked

2 1/2 cups cooked chicken, haphazardly chopped in some kind of bite sized pieces

2 cups vegetables (seriously, use whatever.  You can even use frozen)

In a stock pot or deep dutch oven, combine alfredo sauce, broth, and veggies. Let simmer on medium heat (stirring occasionally, and by occasionally I mean,  realizing you should probably stir the soup when a commercial break hits on that program you’re watching) for about 10 minutes, then add chicken and pasta. Cook for another five-10 minutes, then remove from heat. Give it another stir, then serve up.


One Comment

  1. I like the quick soups with a little “oompf.” I’m going to make it per your recipe, but…

    My favorite pasta is “straw and hay.” I’m tempted to try ham and peas with spinach pasta.

    MMMMM…and I bet it freezes well too!


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