Mission Complete: Organized Pantry

So I did it. Everything has a place. There is a system. No more finding errant small bags of flour tucked away in a corner. I know where stuff is.

My pantry is organized.

How? Well, I like to know how much I have of things before I start my grocery list. So I opted for clear containers, so I could pretty much get an idea of what we need with a glance, instead of digging and rooting around. All my baking supplies are together in their own large baking container. I have a second, smaller stash of flour next to the stove for emergencies (like, you know, fire), or to quickly thicken a sauce or something. The cereal (Hi, ever wake up wanting raisin bran and open up the box to find one mouthful, maybe?) is now in pourable containers, clear, so I can see how much is left. Chips, instead of being secured by a 100-year-old chip clip, are stored away in an airtight container, too.

The dog food goes in two bins beneath the shelves. Snacks, teas, and pastas go in another cart beneath the shelves, that has drawers.

Sanity is restored. I know where stuff is. And now, I am happy.


One Comment

  1. Looks great…I think the containers keep the foods fresher than boxes, too. I HATE throwing out stale food!!!

    Your pantry is deep, huh? Good use of ALL the space.


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