When Appliances Rebel, Plus – Organization A-Go-Go

So, I haven’t posted anything lately, because well, I tend to be posting recipes lately, and I haven’t been able to cook. And it’s 100 million degrees outside, so we’re not doing much in the yard, either.

Why haven’t I been able to cook? The refrigerator is dying. The ice maker and water dispenser never worked (the fridge came with the house, and was a scratch and dent before that). Occasionally, it just gets tired and quits. And recently, its new trick is to completely freeze EVERYTHING on the fridge side. In essence, I sometimes have a double freezer. Great for storing meat, not so great when you want to pour milk on  your cereal in the morning. And one should not have to hack off a hunk of casserole before heating it. It’s just wrong.

So this last time, we decided to take stock of Bessie, The Effed Mess Monster. She’s eight years old. We’ve called the repairman or done our own repairs at least three times this year. The consensus? Call the repairman one more time. If fixing the freezing issue, plus getting the ice maker and water dispenser in working order, was less than $400, we’d repair. If it was more, we’d buy new.

The repairman came yesterday. For $600, he could fix everything. For $50, he could administer last rites, and poor Bessie would go to Refrigerator Heaven . So this afternoon, we’ll be making the rounds, kicking the tires, haranguing the salesmen. I do know I’m a little anti-side-by-side (which is what Bessie is), because they kind of bite for entertaining. You can’t put entire platters in a side-by side. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to give up all that freezer space, too. So we’ll do some comparing today, too.

So while hubster is doing something with a chainsaw outside, and I have 911 queued up on my phone, I decided to do a little more organization. We still had some wedding gifts that hadn’t been unpacked yet, primarily because they’re pretty platters and such, and I’d like them to do double duty and be decorative, too. But we live in a 1950s bungalow without a ton of extra storage space, so what to do?

Bookcases. Fairly inexpensive ones. Tip to all you brides out there getting ready to pull together your registries? If you’re going to need some bigger ticket items you know nobody will get you, but you have budgeted for them anyway, go ahead and add them to the registry, even last minute. Lots of stores offer another 10% off if you come back and purchase things from  your registry. Crate and Barrel and JC Penney, for instance, offer this up to a year. Target offers it for a couple of months.

We had registered for a bookcase, knowing the likelihood of getting it as a gift was slim to none. It’s big, it’s bulky and who wants to lug it around? So after the wedding, we went and bought it, at 10% off, and it was on sale, too. Score! It matches our bar, and is in the transitional area between our living room and dining room. The kitchen also got a bookshelf – in white.

The living room shelves hold most of our platters, stemware and a few old cookbooks and etiquette books (I collect them). The kitchen holds extra cookware, my immersion blender, and other odds and ends.

But now, I should go ready myself for a quick grocery store run, and make sure hubster hasn’t cut anything important off.


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