Has It Really Been a Month?

Goodness gracious. A month since my last post. I have some pretty good reasons – one of them being that the powers that be at my lovely day job started blocking my access to post. I could do it via iPhone, but have you tried to type an entire blog post on iPhone?

I promise to be better about it, because there are a lot of exciting changes here in the Doh’ Mocile, ones I will be sharing in the next few weeks. For one? We’re starting to slowly kick some organizational booty to get ready for the Great Room Swap of Twenty Aught Ten. What, pray tell, is that?

We are blessed with a charming 1950’s bungalow. Along with that charm comes the fact that 1950’s bungalows had but one bathroom. This is fine most days, because I’m the first to leave, so I’m the first to shower. But it also requires a bit of consideration, too, especially on the weekends. “Hon, I’m about to jump in the shower. Do you need the restroom?” is a familiar refrain in these parts.

So we decided about a year ago that eventually we would move into the back bedroom (right now we’re in the more spacious front bedroom), to prepare for our eventual idea of adding a second bathroom to that back bedroom to create a true master suite. The idea is to reconfigure the existing closet into a walk-in closet, add a water closet with a toilet and shower, and then have a vanity that is open. On the other side will be another walk-in closet – his and  hers, if you will. What is currently our bedroom will become the guest room/office and the smaller room will be for storage and future visitors of the Doh’ Mocile.

The first task was clearing out all the wedding paraphernalia that was covering the floor and bed of the back bedroom. We’re making headway, and soon will be able to start the switch in earnest.

But before we begin the switch, another project, which I will tell you about tomorrow.


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