My House is On Crack

We have a pier-and-beam house, sitting on clay soil. This means that we  have a foundation guy. You know how some people buy old cars and know they’re old but it’s OK because they have a car guy?

We have a foundation guy.

The last time the foundation guy came out, it wasn’t pretty. The wacky weather over the past couple of years had caused the back end of the house to sink. We needed two new piers, and a whole lot of shimming.  It took two days, a lot of jackhammering, a lot of fill dirt and a lot of new Spanish curse words for me, but our house became level again.

Only, now we have this unsightly crack in the wall, above the sink. It makes me sad, this crack. It makes me feel all Grey Gardens inside, like any minute Little Edie is gonna come and throw some newspaper over it.

So now, with plans and RSVPs already coming in for our Labor Day shindig, we’re looking for solutions. I never did like the look of the plain paint, but I am worried that tile won’t stay up. Plus, I don’t want to invest in tile if we’re going to eventually reconfigure the kitchen anyway.

So my current plans are some sort of backsplash. It may be beadboard with trim (inexpensive, easy to install), copper or nickel ceiling tiles (also easy to install, but pricier), or a thin sheet of wood painted with blackboard chalk and also trimmed out in some way.


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