You’ve Been So Quiet …

I know, I know. But if you jump, you’ll see why….

That’s right – we’re expecting a wee baby at the Doh’Micile. This photo is from about three weeks ago, but yes, we’re due in April.

So has pregnancy broken my typing fingers? No. But it did make me incredibly nauseous and tired. I still get tired right now, but the nausea and vomiting is letting up a bit, and I can actually look at food without wanting to hurl.

For a while there, though, it was rough going. A trip to the ER because I wasn’t keeping anything down for a while. But my very excellent doctor helped me find a regimen and some rescue meds that have made the world of difference for me.

So there you go. And I, well, we, are back!



  1. Remember, no matter how appealing they may look (before being washed countless times) or how comfortably they stretch (before they shrink, or you grow), polyester maternity pants do nothing for the ass, legs or ankles.


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