So, Where Exactly Have You Been, Missy?

I am a bad, bad blogger. But that will change, everyone, now that my life has completely changed for the better. How?

Well, let’s jump, and I’ll let you meet him.

Yes, this is John. His arrival was semi-dramatic, a little early, but much welcomed. In the next few days, I’ll talk more about his birthday, and how we are doing now, but for now, we thought we’d say hi, and that we’re back.

See you tomorrow!


One Comment

  1. I’m guessing you’re doing some mental composition during those rocking episodes in the middle of the night. And buy those stomach drops (Mylicon) for the baby, if you ever need them you’ll be glad you had them on hand, because you’ll have reached your limit of a crying child.

    Treasure these times, because they go so quickly. I was just thinking today that I really can’t remember the very last time I was able to hold my children in my arms, they just all of a sudden got too big.


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