When the hubster and I got married, we were determined to embrace the fact that we were in Dallas. We looked at a lot of wedding venues, a lot of hotels, and ultimately decided that instead of a random ballroom somewhere that, in pictures, could be anywhere, we’d pick the most Dallas-centric locations we could. Our wedding was at the Dallas Farmers Market. Our base of operations that weekend (and where we held our rehearsal dinner and brunch the next day) was the Hotel Indigo situated in a building that has seen a lot of Dallas history, first as a Hilton (one of Conrad Hilton’s first in Dallas, I was told). And across the street from the Indigo, nestled between that hotel, the Statler, and the old courthouse? The Main Street Gardens, built in a space that used to house a parking garage.  Tom saw me in my wedding dress for the first time in the pretty lobby of the Indigo. Then the entire wedding party traipsed across the street to the park, where we had our pictures taken before heading to the wedding.

Today was supposed to be a trip to the Arboretum, but we ultimately decided that it would be a madhouse. Instead, we chose to take our seven-month-old son to the area that means so much to us. We dressed him up for some nice pictures at the Main Street Gardens, where his jaunty hat got a thumbs up from several of the older men taking advantage of the soul music and fresh air. Later, we changed him him into his Halloween costume – Charlie Brown – and headed to the market, where John picked out his first pumpkin ever and we shot a few more pics.

It was, quite probably, the perfect afternoon. And grandparents were waiting for John at our house when we arrived, which meant more fun. By the time dinner rolled around, he was ready to eat, get in some pajamas, and hit the hay.

I know there will come a day when he’ll roll his eyes when I ask him to go with me to these places, though, so I can take a picture. I just hope it’s not for another 20 years or something.


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