So Let’s Play Catch Up …

I am stunned, stunned I tell you, that the little tiny thing we brought home from the hospital is now almost 10 months old. How does that happen? He’s starting to try to voice his opinions with words, starting to take those first faltering steps, and is seriously the most fun tiny human I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging around.

I sit back some days and wonder where the time went. Even his face is turning into a little boy face, and not a baby. He has four teeth now, four hard-won teeth with about 20 sleep-interrupted nights per tooth.

And food. Oh my Lord. We joke that John eats all the foods, but it’s true. He loves spinach, sauteed in olive oil with a little Parmesan cheese. He loves pretty much any vegetable you put in front of him, and the other night ate black beans and rice. He loves mushrooms and tomatoes, and will cut you for a bite of lasagna. The other day, in a bid to put more protein in front of him, I gave him tofu, cut in to perfect finger-food cubes. He inhaled it.

I cannot believe that now is the time for me to start planning his first birthday party. Again – how did I get a big boy? I came home with a baby.

And now, some pictures. 


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