We Took Our Monkey to the Zoo

Listen, I know there are people out there that will, when you say you’re going to take your kid to the zoo, tell you that Fort Worth is vastly superior to the Dallas Zoo. And I’m not knocking Fort Worth when I say this, because that zoo is awesome – but those people probably haven’t stepped foot in the Dallas Zoo in several years.

Do not believe them.

And do not discount going to the zoo if you have a tiny one, like John. No, I don’t think a baby younger than six months old would enjoy the zoo as much, but at nine months, John had a blast. We didn’t get to see every inch of the zoo – that will be for later years and future trips. For now, we hit the spots we knew would appeal to him – the Lacerte Family Zoo and the newest addition to the Wilds of Africa – the Giants of the Savanna.

And John had a blast. At the family zoo, he got to help daddy feed goats and see pigs, fish, rabbits and chickens up close. In the Giants of the Savanna, he got to get nose to nose with a giraffe, and see elephants, zebras, lions, cheetahs and other animals in a habitat that makes you completely forget you’re at the footsteps of downtown Dallas.

And it’s incredibly easy to get to. If you drive, be prepared to pay to park. But the DART light rail drops off right at the zoo, as well. We actually plan on taking the train the next time we go – since this was our maiden voyage, we wanted the ability to make a quick exit if there was any kind of meltdown. If you are a AAA member, there is a discount for admission, and John’s admission was free.

And of course, there are pictures. See?

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  1. We love the Dallas Zoo! We have been members for at least 5 years now and take the kids as often as possible but mostly in the spring and summer. Being a member gives us unlimited visits, free parking and if you upgrade you get 6 monorail/carousel passes to use. The best thing is the children’s zoo because of the little stream in the middle. This beats the Texas heat for sure! I get the kids in their swimsuits, grab a towel or 2, pack a picnic lunch for everyone, grab the little red wagon or stroller and we are out the door for at least 5 hours of zootime without spending any extra money. I highly recommend visiting it to anyone in the Dallas (or surrounding) areas.


  2. Also, showing your t will give you a $2 discount, which makes the ride free and, of course, saves you on the parking.


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