Hug Your Babies Tight

Back in October, John and I walked in the Heroes for Children 5K in honor of a little boy also born in March, fighting cancer (acute myeloid leukemia, to be exact) in Canada. Little Carter’s fight with cancer seemed to take a positive turn a few months ago when he went into remission, and everyone who has been following his story and has fallen in love with that sweet little face and his brave, brave family rejoiced.

But it is with heaviness in my heart and tears in my eyes that I give you all who donated and have asked about Carter since the 5K an update. I’ll let Megan (Carter’s mom) speak, via her BabyCenter post:

“For the last 8 months I was dreading this most.
Carter has gone into relapse and has a brain tumor. They were able to remove over 50% of it. But there are also other tuners wrapping around his spine that cannot be removed. They will try chemo. But the issue with that is they are afraid he will not survive long enough to get chemo. They have to wait for him to heal from brain surgery in order to do chemo. We have been told that he could pass at any time, or in weeks.

There are alot of details that are very hard for me to type only iPhone.
The short version is
We thought he was constipated, went to the ER a few times, then nothing was adding up and one of his symptoms were making them think of neuromuscular problems, so they did a CT scan. They found a tumor covering a quarter of his brain and more cluttering around his spine. Them we were given a decision to operate, hopefully remove the large tumor, and relieve pressure, hope that they can figure out what type of tumor is is and a small possibly of chemo if he survives long enough to heal from the surgery, and prolong the inevitable. Or, not have surgery and just make him comfortable until he passes.
We made the decision to operate and have a tiny chance.
We have now found out that he has relapsed. Which is less in his favor as most infants with AML do not survive. They only thing we can hope for and donor is keep him comfortable.
I really don’t know how to end this post.
I am sorry that you had to read this horrible news. But I am eternally greatful for all of the love and support you have all given to us.
I will be taking a break for a while, as I need as much time with him as I can get.”

This morning, if you can, please keep Carter and his family in your hearts and prayers, and hug your babies just a little tighter. Cancer sucks, and I don’t even care what they have to use to find it – someone needs to find a cure.

Babies shouldn’t suffer and die.

The graphic accompanying this post is something many of Carter’s friends (virtual and real) are using on their Twitter and Facebook feeds today. If you feel like doing so, feel free to right click and save it for that purpose for yourself, too.


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  1. Totally just stumbled over here because I noticed your avi and Tom’s were the same and wondered what it was all about. So, so, so sad to hear that Carter has relapsed. Completely agree with “Babies shouldn’t suffer and die.” It’s horrible, horrible disease, and one that is hard to watch anyone go through. But to hear about a baby who has cancer can automatically bring tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers definitely go out to Carter, his family & everyone that loves him!


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