Delicious Snackage: The Kale Chip Edition

Mmmm ... kale!

I’m always on the hunt for more good-for-you snacks for Tiny, especially if they involve offering another vegetable. I don’t know why I wasn’t sure he’d like kale chips – the child’s palate is more sophisticated than some adults. But nonetheless, I did wonder if he’d scarf them down the way he has artichokes, tomatoes, feta, hummus, etc.

So for our maiden voyage to the land of Make Kale Chips, we stopped off at the new Central Market on Preston and Royal. Let me stop for a second and say how freakishly pleasant the folks over there are. The store is smaller than your usual Central Market, but it’s actually great for me – I can go in, find what I want quickly, and get out.

The order of the day was picking up veggies – including some kale. While I was bagging and stickering some broccolini (if your kid won’t eat broccoli, try this – its more tender, and roasted it is so, so good), I looked over to see Tiny lugging a head of purple cauliflower into the cart, where he sat it next to him in the seat and hugged it. He cried when I tried to put it back, so well, into the bag it went. After snagging the kale and some whole milk (Tiny’s making the switch), we also grabbed some stuff for a quick dinner that night.

Then the kale sat in our fridge for a week. Finally, we got around to making the chips. I followed Melissa d’Arabian’s recipe, which is super simple. I did add some Parmesan to one batch, though.

One tip: I think the next time we make them, I’ll leave the leaves whole during the cooking process, and then snap smaller pieces off after it cools. It’s really hard to turn multiple small pieces over quickly (per the directions on the recipe).

And Tiny? He loved it so much he got very worried when I said we were putting up the rest for Daddy to try. I had to make him his own little bag for later, too!


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