We Threw a One-Year-Old a Happy Hour

Let’s face it – only the parents of a baby really get all that excited about a baby turning a year old. And while they have other kids they might play near, one year olds really don’t have a lot of friends they’ll get excited about inviting, either. Plus, Mr. Not Martha and I kind of thought that John making it to one was kind of a celebration for us, too. Yay! Maybe we are just a little OK at this parenting thing!

So a few months prior to the party, I happened upon a hilarious invite on Pinterest and totally stole it word for word except for the part about beer. We had sangria. My friend Marnie (you can find her in The Goods over to your right, she’s Part Time Hooker) designed John’s version, and a well-timed Groupon gave me the ability to get all the invites we needed for about $20. 

John’s grandma happened to win a whole sock monkey-themed birthday party package, complete with a table cloth, birthday banner, napkins, monkey hats and tails, etc. We decided to wait until John’s parties were smaller (good lord, how did we end up inviting 100 people?) to bring out the hats and tails, but made ready use of the other stuff to throw a sock monkey themed happy hour for Tiny, complete with a candy and gum display. Since John had a sock monkey that was given to him at a baby shower by his Godmother, Amanda, we had the makings for one awesome tablescape.

The menu was birthday cake (of course), a sandwich cake (I’ll post up my recipe next week, but I totally got inspired by, once again, Pinterest), mini PB&J sandwiches, fruit salad, birthday cake Oreos, a veggie tray, roasted chickpeas and a Rice Krispy treat cake. To drink? Peach sangria (I’ll post that ridiculously easy recipe next week, too), and lemonade.

While our house is not big, the weather gods smiled upon us and gave us a very sunny day after a few rainy ones. The back yard dried out enough that we were able to set up a canopy in the back yard and put some of John’s toys out there for the little ones to play with, and the adults could sit around as well. People ended up coming by in waves, so nothing felt crowded.

I know we said this before (and thank you cards are coming soon!), but we really are blessed with a lot of friends who feel like family. The fact that so many people were willing to take time out of their weekend to party with Tiny amazed me. So thank you, everyone, who came to celebrate John’s birthday.

Next time, EAT SOME CAKE.

Oh, I suppose you want pictures, too. Well, here:

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