Soirée Eats for A Tiny Person’s Happy Hour

As I mentioned last week, Tiny’s first birthday party was in the form of a happy hour for all our friends – and some of his little friends, too. Most of the food was pretty straightforward – mini PB&J sandwiches, a Rice Krispy treat cake, fruit salad, and a veggie tray are pretty hard to mess up.

The roasted chickpea recipe was a Pinterest find. The lemonade recipe was incredibly hard, but here goes: Open can of frozen lemonade concentrate. Pour in pitcher. Add 4 cans of water. Stir.

The sandwich cake started as a Pinterest idea, but that one was way involved and toward the end of the party prepping I was plain running out of steam and time. So my sandwich cake is like so:

Incredibly blurry picture (and only picture) of the sandwich cake, in the background.

John’s First Birthday Sandwich Cake

1 favorite bread recipe (mine was sourdough. You could do wheat, white, whatever)

1 10 ounce (ish) can of chunk chicken (or you can boil, bake or grill off two breasts, if you’re ambitious)

3 stalks of celery, diced

2 tsp of lemon pepper

2 diced boiled eggs

1 cup mayo (or Miracle Whip if you’re just weird)

16 ounces of whipped cream cheese (buy it that way. I don’t even know if you can whip cream cheese by hand, and I’m not even going to try)

Assorted veggies for garnish

Flake up your chicken with a fork, and then add the rest of your ingredients. You could probably also add 1/4 cup diced onion or scallion if you wanted, but I had little people eating, so I kept it kind of tame. Stir everything up, then put in the fridge overnight (if you can) to firm up.

Prepare your bread dough just like you would normally, until you get to the part where you put it in a loaf pan. Instead of doing that, put it in a springform pan greased with olive oil. Go on about your normal bread-baking routine from there on out. I suppose you could use a regular cake pan, but the springform pan helped me make sure that it didn’t stick, and it was uniform and cake like.

Once the bread has cooled and you’re about 15 minutes or so from guest arrival (seriously, unless you’ve got a giant fridge, you will want to wait til the last possible second to put this together, because uh, hi, MAYO), use a bread knife to carefully cut your bread cake into two layers. Spread the bottom layer with your chicken salad filling, and if you’re feeling super fancy, maybe lay down a few thinly sliced cucumber slices or something on top of that. Put the top of your “cake” on, then ice the whole thing (or just the top if you run out of time, like I did) with cream cheese. Artfully (or hurriedly) arrange your veggies on top. Then start reassuring people that it’s a sandwich that looks like a cake, not some kind of crazy thing you did because you already hit the sauce.

Speaking of the sauce… I’m about to throw down the most ridiculously easy Peach Sangria recipe you will ever need. I have no idea how much it makes. Enough to get my friend K drunk and everyone else have a couple glasses, too. I’m thinking it makes about three gallons. Or something. Probably. If you’re a mathy type, just add and tell me in the comments. It MADE ENOUGH.

Peach Sangria

1 bottle of really cheap white wine, chilled

1 two liter of Fresca, chilled

1 box thingie (33.8 ounces, apparently) of Goya Peach Nectar, chilled

1 bag of frozen peach slices

Pour. Everything. In. A. Big. Beverage. Dispenser. Serve.



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