Winding Down the Year …

It’s been a while since I wrote here. I realized that the other day. I kind of left that last post just hanging there – and I should probably update.

Things have gone well this year. We had a few waves, but nothing overpowering to tip the boat over. Tiny is three and a half now, and we’re starting to figure out what we want to do with him for school, which seems so wrong since it was just two days ago (I swear) that we put him in his infant seat and drove home from the hospital.

He’s nearly grown, y’all. He knows his alphabet, has two handfuls of site words (maybe more, he likes to hold out on us), and likes to text his Daddy. We work on sounding words out now.

We have no reproductive news to share, other than we ultimately decided to take a year to breathe, and enjoy our life as it is now. We needed a break with no pressure, to help us remember and center on just how cotton-picking blessed we are regardless of what happens next.

There will be an uptick here, because it’s a crying shame to let this thing die of neglect. So kick my butt if I don’t write, and hold me accountable.


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