Where Are The Christmas Cards?


Now, wait – if you sent our family a Christmas card, we definitely got it. It’s got a place of honor right in our dining room window, which has become kind of the traditional spot for our Christmas cards after one year when I ran out of space atop the entertainment center.


The Window of Honor. See? You’re up there.

And we love every single one of them. Tiny runs over every afternoon to see “the new friends” we’ve added. We talk about all of you at dinner.

But you may be wondering where ours are. Well, it’s up there. At the top of this post. It’s quite possibly the cutest picture ever of a small human and Santa.

But there won’t be any being mailed out.


Because this is the year, we decided that we needed to start talking about the meaning of Christmas. We’ve always sworn we wouldn’t lie to Tiny about Santa. Instead, we talk about how Santa shows everyone how to be kind, how to be generous, and how to be the best versions of themselves they can be. “We can all be Santa for someone else,” we frequently tell Tiny.

So every year from here on out, we are picking one thing we can do with Tiny to help him remember that he has something to offer, a way to be generous, kind and loving at Christmas.

This year, the Christmas card we would have sent to you went instead to an active, reserve or retired soldier through the A Million Thanks program. A Million Thanks sends letters regularly to our servicemen and women, so they seemed like a great way to make sure our cards got to the right places.

For one, although Pinterest would have you believe otherwise, Any Soldier (which was a way to send a card to a soldier by addressing it to Any Soldier and a special address) is not a thing anymore. And the Red Cross effort is dependent on local chapter participation. Dallas, I found out, was not, but the nice person on the other end of the phone directed me to A Million Thanks.


How cute is this? 

And it was a family effort. We sat (Tiny, too) and wrote messages and signed cards. The money we would’ve spent on postage was donated directly to A Million Thanks.


And Tiny was very proud of his efforts. And he wrote most of the messages and signed every single card.

So that’s where your Christmas card from us is. And next year, you’ll probably get a real one as we find another project to do together as a family.

But thank you for thinking of us every year, and know that you’re all in our thoughts.

Merry Christmas!



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  1. Us too! We sent cards to the Troops and are very blessed and thankful our sailor is with is on Christmas! Enjoy the Jib Jab that we posted. ❤️🙏And the presents we sent. If you have any questions after opening said presents, give me a call!😘🎄🎉


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