Hit the Road, Mac



The first delivery of seats that need to be taken by one Mac Engel.


First, I’m just going to link to this giant vat of fetid, sexist gumbo Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Mac Engel served up on his blog today.

And then I’m going to give you some choice quotes from this piece:

It is universally agreed that our children are our greatest natural resources, especially the attractive blonde ones.

Good thing I’ve been too busy to eat today. But he wasn’t done being sexist and foul.
Guys tease the girls they like but this is taking that formula a bit too far. These are TCU girls – try jewelry first.

Now, one might think that a guy as seasoned as Mac Engel would, once several people pointed out that the first comment was gross and the second comment is both sexist and loudly and roundly condemned as something that needs to exit the world’s lexicon, at least say, “Yeah, I see your point, I apologize for going for the cheap joke without thinking of what I was actually saying.”

But not our Mac. Mac instead doubled down on Twitter. Some choice tweets:

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 5.13.50 PM

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 5.14.14 PM



Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 5.14.40 PM

giphySo yeah, he’s just fine being a jerk, guys. And what’s sad is if you get to the bottom third of the post, he makes some valid points about how if this actually went down, it needs to be addressed. But he completely obliterates this point by being disgusting and sexist in the first half.

I’m sure he’ll write me off as another hysterical female, as he seems wont to do on Twitter, but seriously, this last blog post is the reason why some people need editors to take their keyboards away and then make them follow this 10-step plan:
1.Take a long walk to think and reflect.
2.Think and reflect some more.
3.Go for a long drive (like to El Paso and back and then to Chicago and back and then to Atlanta and back and then to Portland and back and then around your block 15 times) and think some more.
4.Come back to the office and let finger hover over publish key.
5.Realize you’re being gross.
6. Delete
7. Write something that isn’t gross.
8. Ask someone else to make sure what you wrote isn’t gross because your judgment sucks.
9. Ask them if they’re sure.
10. Hit send.

Toward the end of his piece, Engel does explain that boys might throw things at water because, “Because young guys are inherently stupid. So are older guys.”

Finally, Mac. That last part I can totally agree with you on.


One Comment

  1. Is he a professor somewhere? An adjunct at TCU? I remember another professor from Univ. of Missouri who first lost a cross department position, then lost her bid for tenure, and finally lost her job for inappropriate language and conduct with students. Perhaps TCU (or whatever school would hire this misogynistic ass, should take greater care with instructors to teach their students. As I remember, the Mizzou prof blew off the first shots over the bow too. Big mistake.


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