Howdy, Mr. Cornyn

So you are a very hard man to get in touch with. I’ve faxed, I’ve written letters, I’ve emailed, I’ve called, I’ve tweeted – all to no avail.

I’m a voter. I’m a voter in your state. And there are a whole bunch of us – liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, atheist, agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Libertarian, Green, centrist, leftist and right – that feel pretty irritated that you won’t listen to us.

We don’t want Betsy DeVos as our Education Secretary. And I know you’ve gotten thousands of postcards, letters, emails, phone messages, faxes, tweets and Facebook comments from all of us saying we don’t want her.

So why in the Sam Hill aren’t you listening to us? I mean, I tweeted at you just yesterday asking this very question, and upwards of a 1,000 likes and retweets later, my phone is still blowing up.

I think you’ve forgotten who you work for. It’s not Donald Trump. It’s not Betsy DeVos. It’s me. It’s every other constituent. There are a whole lot of us saying no, and you aren’t listening.

Take my kid’s school – it’s a perfect argument for how woefully unprepared she is. It’s 93 percent free and reduced lunch, and 77 percent ELL (ask her if she knows what that means, because I’m guessing she doesn’t). It’s making tremendous strides toward becoming a Blue Ribbon school soon. Very soon.

But she lacks the chops to deal with that. She lacks the chops to deal with special ed students and all the things they need to succeed academically. She has zero frame of reference for the teacher who spends her own money on copier paper. She likely has never been inside a school that has its own washer and dryer not for athletics – but to help homeless and poor students maintain clean uniforms.

I don’t think she would know how innovative our country’s public schools have become. Do you even know? Are you aware that in Dallas, a child can now graduate high school with not only a diploma, but two years of college? Are you aware that kindergarteners (like my child) are learning to be fluent in both English and Spanish? Did you know that some of the best schools in the nation are right here in Texas – and they’re public schools?

Are you prepared to defend them from whatever Betsy DeVos might do, or are you going to roll over again?

You are shortchanging Texas children – especially the most vulnerable. I mean, sure, my kid is white and has two college educated parents who can make sure he knows that Jesus Ponies is not another name for Dinosaurs. But not every kid has parents who can supplement or supplant bad education.

So here’s the deal, you go ahead and do this candy ass thing you’re planning on doing tomorrow. You do that.

But don’t expect to keep your job. We’re tired of paying someone who won’t do his job. And do us one little favor while you’re screwing over our children: Lean over and tell Ted Cruz his resume will need a dusting off, too.


One Comment

  1. Here’s my plan for Cruz and Cornyn. I have been a loyal GOP voter but this loyalty to Trump over the voice of the voters will not be forgotten.

    If your Senator voted for DeVos, look up when they will come up for re-election and set yourself a reminder in your Google/iPhone calendar to remember that he/she did not listen to their constituents. Do not forget.


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