Mama Tried …

There’s been a lot of talk about a big blue wave in Texas. And candidates like Beto O’Rourke have captured national attention — everyone, it seems, is rooting for him.


Woodrow Wilson. His sister. I’m not saying his sister IS Ted Cruz, but …

I mean, it doesn’t help that Ted Cruz has been rumored to be both the Zodiac killer and Woodrow Wilson’s sister and he ate a booger on live TV, but the guy is just so damned likable. And not even likable compared to Cruz (face it, the bar is low in that regard), but just generally a likable guy who occasionally cusses and can ride a skateboard and play a guitar and is seemingly impervious to the potential ravages of Whataburger grease.

But I need to ask something of all you folks who don’t live in Texas. And don’t think we don’t appreciate your support and interest, but I need you to lean real close to your computer or smartphone screen and read this super slow: Continue reading →